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Blockchain for the masses

We are daydreamers of a decentralized world, where access to digital economy is granted to anyone, anywhere. At Blockwide we solve the complexity of blockchain to deliver easy technology for the masses, low cost and accessible tools for the homo blockpiens era. Let's buidl together the Wordl of the future.


What our startup do for you.


Show Monetizr Web Checkout to your customers via screen or wifi, they will scan a QR Code and make the payment using their prefered cryptocurrency wallet


Easily turn devices or home appliances into prepaid services or rentals. Ideal for Arduino projects, rental businesses, arcade and vending machines.


Build your own modules: run our free software on the cheapest hardware available worldwide.
We care for undeveloped countries.

Our Team

Brothers in life. Brothers at work.

Augusto Fiorenza
CEO - Founder
Adriano Fiorenza
CTO - Founder

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